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The Families of

Frank and Etta Todden Siefkas


The Official Reunion is Sunday,  September 30th, 2018 at NOON
Fran and Larry Siefkas' Farm
Same as previous years.
Potluck dinner and lots and lots of conversation

But the party starts on Saturday, September 29th, 2018

You can come early 3:00 PM and visit or fish, etc. 
5:00/5:30 PM Bonfire and Chili Supper at
Larry and Linda McNeal's  (West 1/2 mile on Doyle St.)
Across the road from Oakland Park
Hay ride for those who want to tour the farms.
Leave early or stay late.  Join us!!!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday church at 11 am. at Lacelle Methodist Church
Potluck dinner at 12:30 pm.
More Games and Rides after dinner for those
who didn't see the family sites on Saturday.

Bring pictures and anything you want to share.



Camp Siefkas Hill Side


Siefkas Sunset

Breakfast on the fire pit.


"An Incredible Find" - True

Family members.  A family group picture was not taken in 2009.  As I recall the weather was a factor and several people had left.  However one was taken in 2008 but I do not know who took it or has access to it.  If you do please let me know or tell the family member that I would like to have the picture.  Linda ...



Clyde Siefkas

Dortha Siefkas

Englebert and Iola Siefkas
Wedding Picture


Frank Alfred (Fred) Siefkas

Grace Siefkas

Helen Siefkas

Mabel Siefkas

Margaret and Etta Siefkas, 1914

Ralph Siefkas

Walter Siefkas

Do you have photos like
these of your family?
Pictures Scanned at reunion
and provided to website by
Jeane K.





Official Siefkas Family Reunion Photo
Sunday, October 3, 2011

Are you in it?  Join us this year. 


2011 Reunion Pictures

Reunions did take place ... No pictures shared

2007 Reunion Page


Read the notes, see pictures and find out who signed the attendance book. 

Also check out Jeff's Page for more information about Frank and see a link for a "timeline."


Reunion Hosts Larry and Fran Siefkas
Celebrate actual 45th Wedding Anniversary
on Sunday at the 2006 Siefkas Reunion.  


See more pictures.



Submitted fall 2006.

Frank, John (youngest son) & Etta Siefkas.

Wouldn't it be great to have pictures of the six sons to add to our tree.  

Check your attics, basements, and store rooms for documents and pictures  that help with getting the information as correct as possible.  A list of discrepancies is being put together. 



Would like to have One picture for every name.  I know this is a bit of a reach, but with digital cameras and scanners, if each family could could pick someone within the family to send family digital (scanned) pictures to me in an e-mail it is quite possible that we can get this done. 


2005 Reunion Report

Jeff presented his theory regarding Frank's immigration to America.

It is felt that he came with his parents and siblings to Illinois via New Orleans port.   So with this new information we will make the addition of one more generation to the family tree. 

Thanks for those who have found the site and responded.  It's good to hear from you. 

2006 - Check out Jeff's page for more information regarding Frank's family and see a Timeline that he has made for Frank. 

Reunion pictures. 
Click to enlarge

I would like to collect reunion pictures similar to this one or family group pictures and we need to do a better job of  taking family group pictures at future reunions. 

This is not a Siefkas Reunion, but there is a Siefkas in the picture.  

If you have information about the picture to the right, please contact Linda at I  


Family Picture Located

Click ...

This picture has been updated as of 9/16/05 with the names of those missing.  -- Thank you, Jeff. 

A note from Jeff.  At first I thought the picture was taken in 1909.  But since Helen Siefkas was born in April of 1908 and it does look like fall in the back ground.  It is hard for me to tell how old Helen is since her image is blurred but I would put her at about 6 months dating the picture to the fall of 1908.  

A letter from Jeane K. regarding this picture ... Click here to read.

A place for family news without getting too personal.  Send complete information and it will be edited.  No names with addresses or phone numbers for the sake of not giving out too much information for the world to see on the website will be included.

Frank and Etta's descendents from Linda's Family Tree.  It needs to be updated and you can help.

We can post a picture ... add some news.

Write a poem ... send a picture made by a grandchild to be shared.  Who knows, someone might like to have it on their refrigerator, too.  Don't we all.

We need history of the ancestors.  Locations of farms... some of us don't know where our families came from, etc. Be creative and informative.  This as about the past, present and future.  We cannot do this alone, we need family help. 

See you here.  Linda.

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